Couchsurfing dating website

And on my most recent trip it took me more than 20 requests just to find 1 couch in South East Europe!Many of which were carefully chosen and personally written!It was actually quite repetitive and annoying it was being used so often. I don't hear this any more, and of course the new members have joined not hearing this or caring about this very important RULE in Couchsurfing.Nowadays female members get constantly spammed from all directions, especially in certain countries.We will look at Why I think every traveler should couchsurf, How to couchsurf when you’re traveling and how to Host when you’re at home.

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Because of this most hosts in big cities receive dozens of requests each week and of course can not host all of them, or even check their profiles and reply to them.

What image of Couchsurfing do you think this creates for them?

So of course they very quickly become scared to be a part of this now very sleazy community.

And that was in Bulgaria, in big cities like London, Amsterdam, Rome, etc.

I hear of people sending 50 requests and not getting accepted. In the beginning Couchsurfing was started by volunteers as a nonprofit organization, where people liked to help each other, build communities and friendships.

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